Happy 2018 – Day 332 – Be Patient with yourself

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about my attitude and go-to thought processes in different areas of life.

And try as I might; as far as I have come; I still find it frustrating that my instant immediate response to pretty much anything new is, “I can’t.”

In fact, it’s even more frustrating now that I don’t even believe these thoughts as I used to; now that I know this reaction is just learned behaviour rather than something routed in reality.

But then I think…. how long have I been practising things the ‘wrong way’? I’m 34 years old – how many times have I either thought or said that I doubted my ability to do something? Thousands? Hundreds of thousands? More?

This realisation is the only thing that keeps me going sometimes. On those days when I feel that I’ll never have/do/be all I hope to; I remember that I’ve told myself “I can’t” thousands more times than I’ve told myself “I can”.

Transforming from a person who doubts everything they say, do and feel, to someone who believes and trusts in themself isn’t an overnight process.

It takes work.

It takes time.

And it most definitely takes patience.

But one day, when your can’ts and cans are equal in number…. or the cans are simply more powerful…. you might actually start to believe in yourself.


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