Happy 2018 – Day 345 – “Work on what’s hard, not easy”

These were the words shouted at me from the TV screen, from the fiery workout Queen herself, Jillian Michaels.

“Work on what’s hard, not easy”.

Obvious right?!

Apparently not. Because if there’s one rule that I’ve spent a lifetime disobeying, it’s this one.

I’ve consciously and unconsciously chosen the opposite approach. So many times. Too many to count. Those times when I lied to myself, telling myself that I was challenging myself enough… knowing all the time that I was firmly seated in the comfort zone – that I was half-arsing it. I was stuck in a cycle of high-functioning avoidance.

And I’m not cured. Not by any stretch. Though I am more aware of this habit; I do strive to push myself more, at least in some areas of life.

Because I know now, that when you work on what’s easy, nothing really changes for the better. Easy just stays easy. Or gets easier and ultimately boring.

But when you turn your hand to what’s really tough; to what really challenges or even frightens you; with effort, courage and practise… the hard becomes easy.

And your comfort zone widens.

Just as your pride and self-belief soar.

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