Happy 2018 – Day 344 – Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space

Last week, I heard that Oprah (the undisputed Goddess of America) has the following words hanging up on display in her work-space:

“Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space.”

And I think back to past situations that I’ve been in, when I’ve either spread gossip, misery, negativity or judgement; when I’ve unwittingly brought down the mood of others with bitter complaints; or I’ve gatecrashed the happy mood party by refusing to ‘let it drop’ long after whatever it is has passed.

I’m not beating myself up here. I’m just stating the facts.

I didn’t really understand that I was responsible for my mood back then. I thought it was a natural consequence of whatever situation I was in. And I sure as hell wasn’t thinking about the effect that my mood might be having on others.

Nowadays, I ‘get it.’ I get that whilst certain shitty situations might be outside of my control, I am accountable for the thoughts and pictures I choose to listen to or ignore; the way I choose to stand, breath and move; the words that I use towards myself and others.

In short, “Be a radiator, not a drain”.

That’s not to say that I’m permanently radiating positive vibes… but I’m definitely more aware of whatever mood I am transmitting. I’m also quicker to snap out of a bad one, or make amends after the aforementioned good mood party has been crashed.

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