Happy 2018 – Day 318 – Act today for a better tomorrow

A quote that I keep in mind, that I turn to when I’ve wavering between a potentially negative decision, is this:

“What you do today can improve all of your tomorrows”.

And whilst I try to spend more time in the present moment overall, I do find that thinking of how I’ll feel tomorrow – knowing that I’ll wish I hadn’t skipped the gym and eaten my body weight in YumYums; knowing that I’ll be fighting the same battle again, only this time it’ll be even harder because I’ll feeling physically, mentally and emotionally weaker; it really helps.

So when I do make good choices – when I meditate, for example, or manage to work without any distractions, occasionally mindfully listening to the sound of the keys on the laptop and feeling my fingers press the keys; I remind myself that I’m building stronger attention muscles; that tomorrow I’ll be a little bit stronger; that tomorrow this will be a little bit easier.

So I’ll simply leave you with this question:

What could you do today that would improve your tomorrow? 

Ask yourself that question each and every day, and you may indeed improve all of your tomorrows.

Providing you actually do it, of course.

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