Happy 2018 – Day 317 – Change your state in an instant!

If you find yourself in a less than happy mood – if you’ve let yourself wallow, and sunk into the funk, try checking one or all of these three things:

Body Language, Thoughts and/or Focus.

These three, according to Tony Robbins, are the ’emotional triad’, and learning to become more aware of them might allow you to break out of some rather shitty moods.

Of course, there will be times when you need to take action towards resolving a situation, if it’s something serious…. or if it’s a niggle that keeps coming back, again and again. After all, worries do occasionally carry with them important messages.

The problem is that they frequently don’t serve any purpose, other than to feed misery and anguish.

When that happens, checking-in with these three areas and adjusting where needed, can allow you to break free of this low mood.

Regardless of your current emotional state, try it now…

Body language: Is my posture that of a happy, confident person? Are there any adjustments I could make for the better? (If you’re struggling here, think of someone you consider to be a role model and assume their usual body language).

Thoughts: What thoughts am I listening to? Are these thoughts trustworthy, reliable or fair? What would I say to a friend who was dealing with these thoughts? If these thoughts were a household item, would I save, shelve or bin them?

Focus: Can I change the pictures in my head and make them silly? Can I picture a different scenario completely? Can I choose to focus elsewhere – my breath, for example, or the sounds in the room I’m in, or my feet on the ground?

Expect to have to repeat this, hundreds or even thousands of times, remembering that we have 60,000 thoughts per day – therefore, we’re really up against it. Patience and resilience is required.

It’s totally worth the effort though. Because the more you check in with these three areas, the quicker you’ll become at stopping a bad mood in its tracks, leaving you feeling happier and more in control of your emotional state day to day.

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