Happy 2018 – Day 296 – The shift in beliefs that changed my life…

Possibly the most empowering belief swap that I’ve actualized over the past few years, is that confident public speaking isn’t just something that you either have or don’t have; it’s something that you can learn and develop, much like you would learn to read or write.

I used to be someone who lived in constant unrelenting fear, anxiety and social phobia; who made vital life decisions based not on what I want to do, to be, to become, but rather what I felt I must avoid at all costs. Through my ‘fixed mindset’ I was stuck. Terminally shy; an anxious, panicked and ineffective-speaker, forever. There was no hope; I was forced to lay back and sink in a sea of unfulfilled dreams. Like a fish that wan’t to swim – it just wasn’t possible.

Yet here I am at 34, making a living though public speaking.

And it’s all thanks to my ‘fixed mindset’ becoming a ‘Growth mindset’.

Understanding that we can master skills like public speaking, along with qualities such as confidence, is the key to unlocking your potential. To take the emotion out of it and treat it in the same way as you would learning to play an instrument, will allow for a logical, structured approach that empowers and strengthens you further than you could ever imagine.

I can’t emphasise how important this is, how much it has transformed my life and the immense potential it has to change yours.

I’m not saying it will happen overnight. If public speaking, for example, is something that terrifies you, then you may well find it harder to master than someone who is naturally rather outgoing and comfortable socially. But master it you eventually will, with the right attitude and approach.

Not convinced? Click the video below and see the super-charismatic Dr. Ivan Joseph’s TED explain it better than I can.


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