Happy 2018 – Day 297 – Be relentless, like a baby!

From taking their first steps, usually between 9 and 12 months, it can take the average baby to the point of 17 months before they’re actually walking.

Throughout this process, there is endless failure. Crawling, standing, falling and failing… hundreds if not thousands of times.

And yet, we don’t give up on them. We don’t declare them to be defective, assuming that they’re just not meant to walk.

Why? Because we know and trust that with practice, they will. We know that consistent failure in this venture is the only way to succeed.

So why is it that we forget to apply this same attitude to other areas of our lives?

Why is it that we maintain that fixed mindset, telling ourselves that we’re just not ‘that’ person; that we’re not strong/smart/fit/confident enough to the do things that we want to do? 

Clearly, there’s something us grown-ups can learn from babies. And here it is:


If there’s a skill that you want to grow, no matter how unachievable you think it is, “BE RELENTLESS”.

Like a baby, for whom not walking isn’t even a thought, just keep standing up after you fall. And trust that you will get there.

Unless you give up, of course. And then you won’t.

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