Happy 2018 – Day 295 – Decorate the Silence

In keeping with the theme of speaking, social confidence and words, I just want to share something that I heard recently that struck me as being incredibly beautiful.

Apparently, in Elizabethan times, people referred to speaking as a means of ‘decorating the silence’.

You know I’m a sucker for a good metaphor. And this one is just gorgeous.

For many of us in today’s world, silence is almost forgotten about, or even something to be afraid of. We’ve become so used to noise and distractions that we come to take it for granted that we’re always meant to be speaking or listening. We speak for the sake of saying something; to be heard, even when we really have nothing of value to add.

But actually, silence is valuable.

And if we’re going to ‘decorate’ it, and interrupt it, then we should speak with passion and meaning.

We should say what needs to be said, making it worthwhile, for us and those around us.

Pay attention to what you say today.

And ask yourself: did I need to say all that I said? Or might I have been better just enjoying the quiet?


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