Happy 2018 – Day 261 – A Quote for the Busy

Someone on my Twitter feed shared this quote recently and it smacked me right between the eyes…

your worth is not measured.png

Perhaps part in thanks to be semi-German DNA and no doubt exacerbated by my worrisome decision a decade ago to become a teacher, productivity has become as essential to me as breathing. And if I’m not productive; if I dare to take a break or god forbid…. a day off? Well that’s when the guilt sets in.

I do enjoy work and I enjoy being productive, but I have at least worked out that workaholicism isn’t something to be glorified. And working yourself into the ground is in fact counter-productive.

So I’m fighting all of my natural instincts, with this quote in mind. If I get through a load of work, that’s great. But it doesn’t mean anything about me if I don’t.

My worth is not measured by my productivity.

I am enough…

No matter what my ‘To Do list’ says.

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