Happy 2018 – Day 262 – 2 Questions to dampen anger

Anger can be a difficult emotion to deal with, whether it’s justified or not.

When you feel slighted, wronged, betrayed…  Mega-Magician, ‘Mentalist and Illusionist’ Derren Brown suggests asking yourself these two questions:

  1. Is it possible that if I were in this persons’ shoes that I would act in the same way?

  2. Have I acted in this way before?

These questions will help you to clamber back a little bit of empathy, compassion and forgiveness – all qualities that can quickly be forgotten about when our emotions take over.

Often, I find that I have no place on my high horse… because I have been or very likely would be guilty of the same.

And where this isn’t the case? When you definitely would not act in the way that this person did i.e. BMW drivers who think they’re above indicating when they cut in front of you on the motorway…. well then…. I just remind myself that everyone in life has a different set of rules and standards; that some people are *insert profanity of your choice*; and more importantly, that none of this is worth me carrying a super-corrosive bottle of anger around with me.



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