Happy 2018 – Day 252 – Anxiety breakthrough via Meditation

I’ve posted meditation scripts before about going towards feelings of pain and discomfort, rather than sending attention away from them (towards the breath for example). And as I’ve said, this feels incredibly counter-intuitive and ‘wierd’, but it has the potential to transform your relationship with uncomfortable emotions.

I am definitely feeling some uncomfortable emotions lately. I’m now two thirds of a year into running my own business and as things pick up, I increasingly have to ‘step up.’ Side-note: Anxiety is a common a side-product of becoming the person you want to become and achieving everything you want to achieve in life.

A few days ago, as I prepared for another client meeting, I felt that bubble of anxiety in my stomach. So I stuck on this on…

And as I sat with those anxious feelings, something just …. clicked.

In that moment, when I was completely tuned into those sensations, I realised that it really didn’t feel so bad. A gentle buzz is all it was – sent there to look after me. The longer I stayed here, the more I began to consider that this feeling might even be rather pleasant.

Indeed, it felt incredibly similar to excitement. So maybe it was? Of course, I’ve tried to trick myself before into thinking that what I’m feeling is excitement rather than anxiety, many times before. But as much as telling myself, “I’m excited. I’m excited. I’m excited,” has worked for me…. it’s always been a ‘trick.’

Staying with these feelings – looking into them deeper than I had before – really allowed me to feel genuine excitement. It actually felt pleasant.

Yep – you just heard right. These feelings, emotions and sensations, that I’ve spent a huge portion of my life running away from, felt pleasant.

I will say that I’ve practised this numerous times before and not come to this conclusion, so I can’t promise the same epiphany for you. But it’s definitely worth a try or even tries. 

I’ve mused on this point before but it’s definitely worth repeating. Just imagine what your life would look and feel like, if you learned to take pleasure in feelings that usually scared you into avoidance or inaction….

Like I said – worth a try right?

P.S. The meeting went amazingly well! xx

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