Happy 2018 – Day 253 – Why I’m dropping my coffee habit

Let me start by saying that whilst I think drinking coffee in moderation is perfectly healthy, beneficial even, for many people, I’ve known for years now that it isn’t right for me.

That first cup of Lava Java hits me like a freight train; I feel empowered, confident, energetic, unstoppable.

The problem is that it also makes me rather scatter brained – my brain jumps from one thought to another, and in turn I jump from one task to another. Instead of having one completed project, I have ten unfinished ones. And as much as it works as a energy boost initially, after a few hours, I come crashing back down again… forced to indulge in another coffee, which doesn’t have the same impact…. so then I’ll try another later, which might work a little more but not really. I’ve become increasingly aware of just how disconnected I am with my body’s own  natural energy, as I ride the daily roller-coaster of extreme highs and sluggish lows.

And that’s not even the worst of it….

Because my main reason in wanting to kick the coffee is that it’s worsening my feelings of anxiety.

The fact that caffeine mimics the effects of anxiety is something that I’ve become acutely aware of. Even after that first glorious cup, I can feel a slight tightening in my chest; I can hear my heart beat a little louder; and the butterflies that live in my stomach begin to get a little jittery.

The more I drink, the closer my symptoms move towards fight, flight or freeze.

And as unpleasant as this may feel when I’m working at home for the day, if I’m out and about, and suddenly required to ‘step up’ in some way… then I’m risking a full-blown panic attack.

Clinging to this habit is nothing more than self-sabotage.

As much as I love that first hit, it just isn’t worth it.

I’m done.

I’m currently 10 days in to coffee-free September – still going strong. Yay! Look out for a blog at the end of the month to find out how I’ve done.

Is there a habit that you’re currently clinging onto, despite knowing that it’s working against you? Feel free to share in the comments below:

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