Happy 2018 – Day 321 – Interrupt self-doubting thoughts

Today, I’m competing in my first BJJ competition, since my last one 2.5 years ago in which I broke my leg.

I’ve trained CRAZY hard this few months, and this last month in particular – spinning, running, Jillian Micheal’sin and of course a ton of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu itself. Alongside this, I’ve been intermittent fasting and tightening up my diet. For the last month, I’ve had to forgo treat days at the weekend and avoid the Prosecco isle completely. It has not been easy, but the extra weight I’d previously put on has dropped off and technique-wise, Jo today compared to Jo a year ago is better off. In fact, realistically, I think I’m the best that I’ve ever been.

Now… if only I could make myself believe that.

Because of course, especially in this last fortnight, the negative, self-doubter inside of me has risen her head.

“I can’t. I’m too tired.” 

“I can’t get up. They’re too strong.”

“I can’t pass. Her legs are too long.”

“I can’t keep up. She’s too fast.”

“I can’t. I’m not good enough.”

My friend, who also competes, said that when this happens, she just says, “I CAN!” and so, that’s what I’ve been doing. At home; at the steering wheel; in the loo, in my head and aloud with feeling…. it’s a wonder I haven’t been sectioned yet.

And you know what? It’s working.

For all I love mindfulness and the method of observing thoughts pass, at times of high-anxiety when the inner self-doubter really begins to squirm, and shout, I think that having a ready-prepared response can be incredibly helpful.

So rather than allowing the thought to come into your house and wander about…. you slam the door in its’ face as soon as you catch sight of it. Why allow this unwanted guest to come in and get comfy?

“I can’t. I’m too tired”….“I CAN!”

“I can’t. I’m too”…“I CAN!”

“I can’t. I’m”…“I CAN!”

“I can’t.”…..“I CAN!”



If your spouse or family member was always telling you that you couldn’t do this, that or the other, it wouldn’t be long before you were pissed off and fighting back.

So don’t let yourself get away with this shit.

Fight back and remember, “YOU CAN!”


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