Happy 2018 – Day 320 – The Greatest thing you can do for another person…

The greatest, kindest thing that you can do for another person doesn’t require money or gifts or the offer of a kidney. It’s free, simple and entirely possible much of the time.

The greatest, kindest thing that you can do for another person is to give them your full, undivided attention.

In doing this, you’re showing them that you value and care for them enough that you will give the entirety of your focus to what they are saying or doing, even if only for the duration of a sentence.

This means giving this person eye contact, turning your body language towards them and actually listening to what they say, rather than planning out a response in your head. And please note – there’s not a phone in sight.

This is a high-reward, low effort and zero cost activity, that will improve your relationships with others, whilst also building up those much-needed attention muscles. Along with a ton of other stuff that’s needed to be a human being.

If this is a struggle for you (i.e. you’re a technology junkie/social phobic) then start small. One conversation daily; one person; one ten minute span, in which technology is off the menu and mindful conversations happen. Build up from there and you’ll see, or perhaps feel results…. as will those around you.


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