Happy 2018 – Day 322 – Diamonds, nail polish and a whole lotta sh*t

A few days ago, I threw off the shackles of my inner skeptic and went to my first Reiki session. Never heard of it? It’s a Holistic system of natural healing, in which the Reiki practitioner places their hands on or near a fully-clothed person, transferring their positive energy to the ‘patient’. 

I’ll admit, I’m still a skeptic. However…

I did really enjoy my first session. It was an hour of well-spent in a super relaxing environment. I flitted in and out of mindful moments, sensing the touch or even energy of the practitioner when she was near, and when I was listening to my thoughts, I found they were altogether positive. 

In fact, I found myself thinking back to an analogy from an old hypnotherapy book that I’d read maybe 15 years ago, based around finding your authentic self. 

The idea was this: our authentic, truest self is a diamond. But… life happens, and we just get caked in shit. People do us wrong, we make mistakes, we form negative associations and beliefs, continuously make bad choices and so on. Over time, there’s just so much shit, that we can’t see the diamond underneath anymore; we forget that it’s there. So what do we do? We paint ourselves in nail-polish to make ourselves look pretty; so that we’ll fit in and be liked and accepted, all in the hope that no one actually notices that we’re a big old stinking pile of crap underneath. 

So this is the thought that came to be during my Reiki session. I’m always thinking that I need to gain something, to be better. If I do X, Y and Z, then I’ll be more confident/skilled/at peace etc. I’m chasing something in a way that will make me whole. 

But what if I’m wrong? What if what I actually need to do is start chipping away at the nail-polish, and washing off the crap underneath…maybe I’ll start to see that diamond. 

Perhaps, I’ll see that I don’t need to add anything to my life, but rather begin to take things away. 



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