Happy 2018 – Day 290 – Change your situation or your perspective

Tony Robbins says that when you’re facing a problem, you always have a choice.

Either you change your situation, or you change your perspective.

When my anxiety tells me that I’m stuck; that it’s hopeless; that there’s nothing to be done… I turn to these words for comfort, hope and strength.

These words inspire me into action, safe in the knowledge that there is always something that you can do.

Either I take a step towards changing this difficult situation – a decision, a conversation, a distraction, a mindful moment. Or I can move to re-think my situation; to re-frame; to consider what I’d say to a friend; to assess the advantages of this.

The point is – it’s never as hopeless as it seems, no matter how insurmountable the problem may appear to be.

So if you’re facing a difficult situation at present – ask yourself: do I need to change my situation or my perspective, or both? Then take action.

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