Happy 2018 – Day 291 – A Quote to inspire and re-focus

I only heard this quote for the first time a few weeks ago, but I love it:

vision quote.png

I feel like this quote found me when I needed it the most; ten months into the transition from teacher to entrepreneur.

Whenever I notice that I’m holding myself back; telling myself that I’m not good enough; that I can’t; that it just won’t work…. these words inspire me to┬áre-focus on my goals and overall vision. I think of the career and life that I want to create; my wish to help and support as many children and adults as possible; the things I want to do, achieve, see; the places I want to go; the things I want to have.

Whatever you focus on, you get more of.

So stop thinking about what you can’t do and instead get excited about what you’re working towards.

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