Happy 2018 – Day 220 – A quote to remind you to tread HEAVILY sometimes.

Today’s awesome quote from Leymah Gbowee, leader of the Liberian Women’s Peace Movement. She says:

“You can never leave footprints that last if you are always walking on tiptoe.”

Essentially, what I think she’s saying is that you can’t make lasting change, or be remembered for making a difference, if you’re always doing things politely and properly, ensuring that you don’t upset or offend anyone along the way. Sometimes, you have to tread heavily, cause a scene, stomp your feet even….

I actually saw this quote for the first time, on the morning of my Tough Mudder a week or so again, and so it had a slightly different meaning for me.

On that morning, which just so happened to be the first day of miserable rain after months of blazing heat, this quote gave me a lot of comfort. As far as struggles go, I knew that this one was significantly closer to my panic zone than I would usually enjoy.

But I also knew that it was only because of this, that the day – the moments – and the memories would be even better.


With my amazing team around me, I thunderously stomped through physical and mental challenges, with no tiptoes in sight.

That day was indeed tough, but it was also incredible. And ridiculous. And just lovely.

The muddy footprints will remain with me forever.

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