Happy 2018 – Day 219 – When someone makes an early exit from the stage…

A week or so ago, I returned home from an early morning run. I’d pulled muscle in my chest and wasn’t feeling great, so I had a little sit down before showering and started scrolling through Facebook. To my disbelief, I was met with a post about the death of a girl who I’d been to school with, only weeks after giving birth to her first son.

This made me incredibly sad; not because I really knew her well – I really didn’t. Because she’s left behind a life; a family; so many who’ll miss her. Because she was only my age – 34 – a time when it feels like life is only just beginning. So it seems tragic and confusing for someone’s journey to end here.


On a selfish note, this also made me think about my life at present and all I have to be grateful for. It inspired me to be less afraid to do the things I want to do. Within half an hour of reading this, I’d also contacted friends that I’d gone far too long without speaking to, in an attempt to actually make plans.

One of the earlier blogs from this year was about the idea that death could inspire life. This is something that’s easier said than done though; it can feel like a rather vague, distant concept. Until┬ásomething happens, suddenly, and you’re forced to really know that life is as unpredictable and fragile as it is precious.

I’m going to leave you with a quote from Helen Keller, leaving it to your interpretation, because in truth, I’m not really sure of what I’m feeling; what point I’m trying to make; or why this quote is speaking to me as loudly as it is. But it is… so here it is:

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”


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