The Ugly Truth of my Screen Addiction

For whatever reason, over the last few months, I’ve noticed that my ugly, old screen addiction has returned with gusto. I find myself – during advert breaks, pauses in conversation, or simply because – picking up my phone and scrolling through app after app.

And if I’ve noticed anything else, it’s only how utterly crap this feels.

In fact, after a weekend of this kind of insensate attention-pulling, I had a headache the size of a brain tumor.

I know what you’re thinking – “Calm down love…. it’s not like you’re a crack addict. It’s only a phone!”

Whilst that may be true, it’s still a habit – and one that makes me feel increasingly agitated, anxious, upset and distracted, unable to control my focus and steer it into a positive direction, powerless in the face of uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.

So this morning, with this in mind, I left my phone in the house and took my work outside to the garden. Yes – the wasps were annoying and of course, the clouds persisted in blocking out my sunshine… but I wasn’t annoyed or unhappy, because my mind was bright and clear; because I was in charge, not my phone.

I’m going to work on getting more of this in my life.


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