Little Moments: BIG Feelings

I finally found the time this weekend to watch Brene Brown’s Netflix special, the ‘Call to Courage’. Of course, it was terrific; a ball-pool packed full to the brim of wisdom, truths and life-lessons.

One thing that stood out was when she talked about working with people who had experienced great tragedy, like the loss of a child.

All of these people, she said, told her that they missed the little moments of ordinary daily life; the things that they barely paid attention to when their loved one was here, or even complained at. One woman, Brene reported, said that she would give anything today to get one of the typo-laden text messages from her late mother – the same texts that used to irritate her in days past.

If there’s any lesson to be learned here, surely it’s that we pay attention to the little moments now, to notice them and be grateful for them.

For over a year now, I’ve made a nightly habit of writing down three great things I experienced that day in my 6 Minute Diary. It’s a great routine to have as it forces me to reflect on the best parts of any day, no matter how ordinary or below average.

And you know, not only could could I now write reams of examples in this section, I’m also recognising that it’s the seemingly ordinary moments that I cherish the most; much more than the extraordinary ones.

The touch of a cool table on a warm day, the feeling of grass under-foot, a conversation with a stranger that goes past small-talk, the smell of a fresh strawberry: these are the things that I remember at the end of the day.

And whilst the thought of experiencing loss and tragedy terrifies me… I’m also aware that I have absolutely no control over this.

But I do have a choice today – to take notice and appreciate the people, places and little moments, one day at a time.

Which little moments have you appreciated today?

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