Question-Hack for Problem-Solving

If you’re facing a worrying situation or a problem, then here’s a question you might like to ask yourself:

“Is the problem really your problem, or is your attitude towards your problem?”

Whoever said this – thank you! 

Looking back over all of the many problems of my life, past and present, great or small, I can see that the majority if not all of the time, my attitude was indeed the problem.

My attitude dis-empowered me, leaving me hopeless, trapped and unfulfilled.

When I learned to listen to my thoughts and beliefs from a distance, evaluating whether they were actually worth listening to, things began to change.

When I started to re-frame problems and approach things from different angles, even finding things about the situation that I could be genuinely grateful for, this change accelerated.

So go on… if there’s something on your mind right now, and you’re feeling stuck; ask yourself this question and see if you can’t become ‘unstuck’.

You cannot control the problem… but you can control your perspective; you can turn your attitude completely upside down.




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