What are your top 5 recurring thoughts?

Studies show that we have 60,000 thoughts on average each day. Furthermore, 90% of these thoughts are the same ones that we had the day before. We spend a LOT of time with our thoughts; listening to them, creating feelings and emotions from them; basing our decisions on them; speaking, doing or not-doing, based on what our thoughts tell us.

Yet, I’d hasten to say that most of us, if asked what our most common, repeated thoughts were, would struggle to answer.

Because for many of us, our thoughts sit in the driving seat and we’re merely the passenger, happy to let someone else drive whilst we look out of the window.

Relaxing, yes – to let someone else drive. But it has its downsides…

If you let your thoughts drive you, without vetting them first, then at best you’ll get lost – and at worst, you’ll just keep driving in circles, never close to reaching your chosen destination.

So how do you take control? How do we learn to vet our driver, or sit in the driving seat ourselves?

Simple really: just take a few minutes each day to notice which thoughts are coming into your head. At the end of the week, write them down and see if you can come up with a list of your top 5 or top 10 thoughts.

Then ask yourself: are these thoughts worth listening to? Are they helpful or useful in any way? If a friend was having these thoughts, would you advice them to keep them, or bin them?

If you are intent on being a passenger, then at least make sure your driver is a reliable one.

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