Happy 2018 – Day 292 – Tips for Goal-setting: Goal, Why, System…

Yesterday, I shared that amazing quote,

“Make your vision so clear that your fears become irrelevant.”

But… how do we actually do this? How do we make our dreams and goals come to life?

Firstly, you need to spend some alone time thinking about what you actually want out of life. On a personal level, who would you like to become? What skills would you like to master? What personal achievements would you like to enjoy? On a financial level, what kind of income would you like to earn? What things would you like to own? What places would you like to go? What adventures would you embark upon?

Really push yourself here to dream big. Don’t place limits of your wants and desires.

Now… take the goals that you’re most passionate about. And ask yourself, “why do I want this? What will I get from having/doing/achieving this?”

Once you have the why and you feel super motivated to achieve this goal, set a goal system in place so that you have a framework for achievement each day.

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Here’s an example of what this might look like:

Goal: To lose thirty pounds over the next 6 months.

Why: Because I’ll have more energy; I’ll feel better in my skin, as well as my clothes; I deserve to feel proud of my appearance; I’m going to sign up for a half-marathon and gain money for charity in the process – being slimmer and healthier will make this easier for me.

Goal System: I’ll consider myself successful if I follow an 80/20 rule of eating natural, colourful, wholesome food with the occasional treat allowed. I’ll also exercise for 30 minutes each day at a minimum, mixing running, swimming and yoga.

The key here is to make these reasons really clear and powerful.

And if they don’t really inspire you, swap them for reasons that do. If the pleasure of how amazing you’ll look in a bikini doesn’t do it for you, then maybe consider the pain of running a half-marathon in support of a charity, and being so unfit that you’re injured, in agony, or have to give up. Just make it work for you.

And then use the goal system to almost push aside the goal itself, focusing instead on one day at a time; on your goal system. If you follow the goal structure, you’ll meet the end goal anyway…. but you’ll feel like you’re achieving every day rather than looking to something far off in the distance.

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