Happy 2018 – Day 239 – Power playlist for self-belief

In the last week, I’ve been writing about how we can drop unhelpful beliefs and replace them with useful, empowering ones. I suggested that once you’ve written these beliefs down, you need to keep them somewhere visible and repeat them.

Now… I’ll remind you that I’m British…so the thought of chanting cheesy lines about how ‘juiced I am about life – Yes!!!!!‘ results in a gag reflex and eye rolling that I am powerless to control.

So what’s the answer? Sing it instead!

Singing along to a set of power lyrics is surely just as empowering, if not more so, than chanting affirmations in the mirror.

parental ad

Some of these songs include really naughty words. Also… no apologies for taste, or lack of it.

listen at your own risk! 😉

A while ago, I shared a caffeinated playlist for some general motivation.
Here’s another mix of eclectic tunes to inspire a little more self-belief, either through the lyrics or the feelings they evoke: (Dancing optional but beneficial.)

Have an AWESOME day! xx

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