Happy 2018 – Day 240 – Mala Meditation for quick confidence

Today, I’m going to share a quick, empowering meditation with Mala beads that can be easily adapted to suit whatever feelings you’re looking to inspire in yourself.

I’m aware that I’m contradicting myself here. Only yesterday I likened incantations and affirmations to doing ‘YES cartwheels’ over hot coals, which just feels like an affront to my British sensibilities, as much as I’d secretly enjoy this….

I’m nothing it not a trier though. And it helps that I found some beautiful red and teal Mala beads from Amazon for £7.99!


Mala beads have been used by yogis for thousands of years as a tool to help them focus their mind during meditation. Created 3000 years ago in India, they were initially used for Japa meditation, meaning ‘to recite.’ Mala itself means ‘meditation garland’ in Sanskrit.  There are 108 beads on the standard Mala and basically the idea is that you hold the beads in your hand, feeling each one as you recite your mantra 108 times.

This is my current mantra when I’m in need of a confidence kick: 

“I am brave. I am powerful. I am strong. I am loved.”

I guess it’s a little bit of a cheat because I move on a bead for each sentence, so actually the entire mantra is only repeated 27 times. Still… seems like enough to me!

Not only does like make me actually feel all of these things during the meditation, but it makes me feel these things long afterwards. The words echo in my thoughts, deeds and actions. I’ve turned to these words when I’ve been out in the big bad world and having a little ‘wobble,’ either repeating them out-loud or in for head, minus the beads. I quite often recite this now when I’m running; it’s a great distraction from the brain chatter.

I’ve found strength and comfort in these words; the more I’ve recited them, the more familiar they’ve become.

No cartwheels or hot coals in sight; definitely worth a try.


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