Happy 2018 – Day 191 – Music for Motivation: Top 10 Caffeinated Playlist

A while back I wrote about how awesome it was to be easily led, basically because if you select your influences carefully, you can very easily and quickly find motivation where it’s lacking. I’ve also noted that a good song can be as powerful as a cup of java.

Before we begin, I’ll politely refer to my music tastes as eclectic and unrefined. We might just jump from Taylor Swift to ACDC to the Book of Mormon. When you listen to one of my playlists, you never know what’s going to happen next. The only thing these songs have in common is that they all wake up the butterflies that live inside my belly. Maybe they’ll wake yours up too – just click one to find out!

So today, here’s my Caffeinated Playlist – the songs that get me moving and smiling, when the coffee has run dry.

Have a great day folks! xx





























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