Happy 2018 – Day 231 – Check Yo’ Self: Are you creating a ‘bad’ day?

A few days ago, I went to get my hair done.

Though my frizzy, curly lions’ mane had suffered years of abuse at the hands of cheap, local salons, for the last decade I’d had a brilliant hairdresser who knew just what to do. Finally, I was more Jennifer Anniston than Jessica Fletcher.

Cut to – me taking an appointment with a different hairdresser, because I was desperate, happened to be free and my hairdresser was on holiday.

You can see where this is going….

She looked at my hair the way that I look at people who eat chips, cheese and gravy – with distaste. As she brushed out the curls, it poofed up into a frizzy mess, full of tangles. She went to get someone else and they both agreed that they couldn’t possibly put highlights on my hair, because it was just in such awful condition.


To cut a long story short, I got my hair cut and it looked great! But whether it was the fault of a pernickety, overly-dramatic hairdresser, or that my hair really was in such terrible condition, it wasn’t a good experience and the only ‘salon feeling’ I left with was a rather funky mood.

And it turned out this was just the beginning of a series of unfortunate events in my Tuesday morning. My vouchers were refused at Sainsburys’; they were then taken, but they’d mis-priced the items I’d bought so I hadn’t spent enough to use the voucher, meaning that I couldn’t get the discount which was the only reason I’d gone there;
my new ‘do’ was rained on; my knee was hurting; I had vouchers to spend in Debenhams’ for a new handbag, but couldn’t see anything I liked; and on the drive home, the dickheads of the road were out in force.

Why oh why was everything going wrong today?

Of course, it wasn’t any different to what might have happened the day before or the day after. The only difference was that I’d allowed a storm cloud to settle over my head, along with a lighthouse shining on only the negative aspects of my morning.

So when I realised this on my misery-fueled drive home, after yet another BMW had cut in front of me on the motorway without indicating, I uttered the wisdom of Ice Cube:

“Check yo’ self… before you wreck yo’ self”

And breathe.

Everything is fine.

Things are good.

Whatever happens, I’ll handle it.

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