Happy 2018 – Day 192 – What have you done today?

When I hear the question, ‘What have you done today?’ I automatically will begin to real off from my ‘To Do List.’ A good day to a self-confessed Workaholic like myself is one in which I can cross off lots of things that needed doing.

But what if we alter this slightly. What if instead, we just ask,

“What have you done for someone else today?” or even;

“What impact might/have my actions today had on the people and world around me?”

When you ask these questions, there are a few potential consequences here:

A) You might realise that whilst you’re incredibly productive, you’re a bit of a selfish cow; that your focus is rather narrow. Note: you have to be honest with yourself here. If you’re cleaning the house – that’s something that may well benefit others. But are you doing it for them? Or because you, and you alone, can’t stomach it any other way?! If this is the case, you might want to change things up a little.

B) You might actually find that on days when you feel like you haven’t done very much, you’ve made an impact, in a tiny or huge way, to someone else’s life. Sometimes, just a kind word or a smile, can change the course of a persons’ day.

give flowers

C) It might just remind you that you’ve been ‘sweating the small stuff’; that whilst you might be behind on ironing and frustrated that your meal prep is all out of whack, you’re making somebody’s world a better place in some way through your actions each day.

Focusing your productivity on what you give rather than what you take can lead to a significant increase in yummy, happy feelings. If you can’t do it just for the sake of helping others, then just focus on these lovely rewarding feelings.




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