Happy 2018 – Day 193 – A Shared Life…

Today’s  quote from from YouTuber, Casey Neistat:

A shared life is a great life.

A decade ago, these words would not have resonated with me. I’ve always had friends and family that I loved dearly, but my greatest relationship was always with myself. Perhaps it was part of the Social Anxiety that I was battling, that I distanced myself from others. I pushed them away, before they did it to me. I told myself that human connection just wasn’t that important to me. I looked up to people who were confident, powerful and ambitious, regardless of whether they were kind, genuine or actually happy inside. I longed to do great things, desperate to prove something to myself; to be someone.


Nowadays, I have a very different perspective.

Over time, I’ve come to learn and know that doing great things often don’t feel very great when you’re determined to ‘go it alone.’ And that human connection – no matter how near, or far; how dramatic or apparently insignificant – can be like a blanket that you wrap around yourself when you need protection. Or even a suit of armour to give you strength when it’s time to go to battle.

When I say ‘sharing,’ I’m talking about more than Instagram bikini shots after 52 failed attempts. I mean, by all means, feel free to share those too! Just make sure that you’re also actually talking to people in your life.

And share the lows as well as the highs!

Seriously. That’s where the really, juicy connections are made.


After all these years of self-enforced loneliness, talking about my problems and asking for help (before things spiral) is still something that I struggle with. But every time I do share ‘the lows,’ I’m reminded that taking help from others is just as important as giving it; that it takes massive amounts of strength to show vulnerability, and supposed weakness; “that a problem shared, really is a problem halved.”


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