Happy 2018 – Day 161 – The Power of thinking about what you think about

Through mindfulness and CBT, I’ve learned to detach myself from my thoughts a little more; to see that just because a thought comes into my head doesn’t mean it’s true; to weigh up thoughts as more of a neutral spectator.

As a result, I’ve become increasingly aware of what my daily thoughts are.

Did you know that the average human thinks 60,000 thoughts each day? 

And that 90% of these thoughts are the same thoughts that we had the day before?

Our thoughts lead to decisions, actions, behaviours and beliefs. So actually being aware of what’s in your head comes highly recommended.

You can start right now, by noticing what thoughts are popping into your head. And you can keep coming back to this, with curiosity and without judgement, at points throughout the day. Then try it again tomorrow. And maybe even the day after. And you’ll begin to build up a good awareness of what’s going on in your head day-to-day.

Once you’re aware of what’s going out, you can start analysing. You can decide which thoughts are useful. And which just aren’t. If the TV station in your head is repeatedly playing channels that you don’t really enjoy; you can begin to think about turning over. Or off.


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