Happy 2018 – Day 162 – The Art of Just Showing Up!

Another dose of poetry today! Enjoy:

Just show up.

Even if you barely slept.

And you feel shocking.

Like you want to run away, or crawl and hide.

Like you just can’t.

Do it anyway.

Just show up.

Even if the odds are against you.

And you’re sure to lose.

Or even embarrass yourself.

And never live it down.

Get there all the same.

Just show up.

Even though it may not work.

Even though you could feel worse for it.

Try it anyway.

You’ll never know.

Unless you show up.


Just show up.

Even if you’re not ready; not prepared;

not enough. An “IMPOSTOR!”

Waiting to be exposed.

Show up anyway. And

Learn as you go.


Show up. Speak up. Stand up.

Even if your voice, legs, heart quiver.

Even if others judge you.

Or you fail. Dramatically! 

You’ll get by and learn to stand;

And show up again.




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