Happy 2018 – Day 160 – Daily decisions: pain, pleasure and happiness

Life is just a series of decisions. I heard this somewhere recently.

When you think  about it, each day is just a series of decisions.

Some big; some small; some seemingly big but actually not; and vice verse, some seemingly small but actually huge in their consequences.

Research shows that we actually make 35,000 conscious decisions a day. 35,000! These decisions have a direct impact on our life experience.

Often, our decisions seem to be based on avoiding pain and seeking pleasure. But this isn’t anywhere near as simple as it sounds – is it? If it was, early morning jogs would be swapped for lie ins and we’d all live on a diet of pizza and donuts. Of course people do live like this, but their lives don’t look very pleasurable. 

Maybe it’s more a case of avoiding pain and seeking happiness, or at least something that feels longer lasting than instant pleasure.

Opting for an early-morning run might result in some initial pain, but once the buzz of endorphins hit you’ll feel great, not only in the moment but also for hours afterwards. Even better: repeatedly doing this will make you feel fit, strong, healthy, powerful, energetic and happy!

I’ve heard this described before as ‘deciding between the easy way and the hard way.’ And yes – getting out of bed at 6am after a bad nights’ sleep isn’t easy. But the more you do it, the easier it will feel. You may even reach a point where taking the old, easy path actually begins to feel like the hard way.



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