Witness Thoughts and Feelings, Don’t ‘Become’ Them

“I am not what I think and feel.

I am witnessing what I think and feel.”

This is actually a quote from Russel Brand, but I’m fairly sure that something along these lines has been said by anyone who’s anyone in the field of meditation.

And I think if I were asked to summarise what I’ve gained through cognitive behaviour therapy, mindfulness practice and much of everything else along the years, it would look something like this. This is my biggest takeaway.

Learning to separate myself from my thoughts and feelings – to watch the storm pass from the window, rather than being outside getting rained on – is incredibly powerful in terms of self-awareness and self-management of emotions.

And right now, amidst the abnormality, when the highs and lows of thoughts and feelings seem more erratic, unpredictable and intense, this is more important than ever.

Something to ponder, perhaps.

Or rather notice.


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