Ordinary, Beautiful Moments

Now more than ever, the little things matter.

In the absence of the extraordinary; at a time when gigs, plays, parties and sporting events have been postponed, along with anything else that you might brag about on social media, we’re left only with the ordinary moments.

Moment of care, kindness and connection between humans.

Moments of sensory exploration – of true sight, sound, smell, touch, taste. 

Moments of generosity, creativity and innovation from people around the world, determined to contribute positively to this crisis.

Moments of gratitude for what you had and what you have.

Moments where you step out of your fears and worries, and into you breath and body… towards a place of calm stillness.

If there’s anything good to come out of this situation, I hope it’s that we learn to re-value the ordinary, the simple and the genuine – the pursuits that we’d enjoy even if we couldn’t share it on Facebook – over the supposedly ‘extraordinary.’ 

I think that would be pretty great.



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