Curb Self-Doubt with this Question

A week or so ago I started having a ‘wobble.’ Being over a month into a new YouTube project, I suddenly found myself full of anxiety and self-doubt, constantly questioning the quality of my work; questioning my value as a professional and a person.

Was this output good enough? Was I good enough?

What was I thinking? Who did I think I was? What would people think? What if they thought…? 

And then I happened across a video from YouTuber Tom Bilyeu, in which he said that the only question that really matters is:

“Am I learning?”

This question allowed me to step back from the wholly unhelpful line of questioning that I had unwittingly been pursuing. It offered immediate relief and comfort. 

Because regardless of the output – regardless of people’s opinions about it, including mine – I am learning.

In small but solid ways, I’m learning every day.

And it feels pretty good!

What questions are you asking yourself lately? Are you focusing on that which you can control, or that which you can’t? Could you apply this question to your own life? Let me know in the comments below!


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