Big Dreams. Small Steps: Do Something that Matters

As I’ve admitted many times before, I really struggle at times with procrastination. In fact, I’d say that it’s probably the thing that I do the most, when I’m feeling afraid.

Why? Because it doesn’t feel like running away, even if that’s really what it is. Indeed, if I’m doing something creative – like writing this blog – then I can tell myself that I’m being productive. I can even half-kid myself into thinking I’ve done something that I needed to; something that really matters. Rather than face the truth, that I’ve chosen to do this in order to avoid something difficult.

In truth, as much as I try to kid myself, it always goes the same way. I’m always left with a feeling of emptiness and guilt, and the knowledge that I could have done something difficult today and made things easier for myself tomorrow, but instead, I’ve made them harder.

I’m striving to combat this in 2020.

So of course, I’ve rearranged my ‘to do’ list, now listing tasks as either urgent/ongoing or ‘closing the gap.’

Sure, the urgent and occasionally mundane still take priority, because that’s how I pay the bills.

But now, before I find something else to do, I have clear, small steps that I can take towards my big dreams (3 weekly to be specific). These are the tasks that really matter; the things that, once accomplished, will nudge me closer to where I want to be rather than where I currently am.

When you’ve developed a habit of procrastination, making real progress towards goals can be incredibly frustrating. You work and you work, but you don’t really get anywhere. Because you’re never working on anything that really matters to you. It’s all just maintenance. You’re basically jogging on the spot!

This year, I’m going to try and do more of what matters, one little step at a time.

And waste less time on what doesn’t.

Like ironing. I’m done with ironing.

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