A Quote for the Disheartened – How Far have you Come?

When you have big goals – and even bigger dreams – it can sometimes feel like everything is moving a little too slowly. Like you’ve been wanting so much, for so long, and whilst everyone else has been moving forward… you’ve been standing still.

There’s a problem here though. In that we really can’t trust ourselves.

Much like a person losing weight rarely recognises their own weight-loss, but rather has to be told by other people how different they look; so too does one often fail to notice their own growth/progress/accomplishments in other areas, minimising them or ignoring them completely.

And then there’s this. A quote that hit me right between the eyes last week, direct from Instagram:

“Remember the days when you prayed for what you have now.”

And for a moment, I’m no longer beating myself up because I haven’t written my best-selling book yet, or opened up a charity for social anxious teens, or bought my own home complete with cat tunnels and a swimming pool.

No. For a moment, I’m taken back to ten decades ago, when I was shit-scared of teaching anyone, let alone considering how I could expand my own teaching business. Back then, every day seemed like a battle. Me against my thoughts, and the world. And a cage of anxiety surrounding me – a cage that I believed to be fixed, forever.

Indeed, a decade ago, my vision was more to do with surviving than thriving.

What I would’ve given to have the kind of problems that I’m dealing with today.

It’s good to remember that.

Drive and progress are all well and good. But you have to pause now and then to take note – to see that whilst progress might feel slow to you, you’ve actually come a long, LONG way through your years of tiny steps.

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