Unfamiliar Doorways

I saw a version of this quote the other day on Instagram, and it’s kept coming back to me again and again:

“You can’t walk through new doors if you keep opening the old ones.”

I guess it’s because I’m thinking about habits – a lot – and how changing them and adopting new habits, might well make a big difference.

Often, we humans tend to get very attached to our ‘plan’, telling ourselves that this time it will work, ignoring vast amounts of evidence to the contrary. It’s an approach that’s devoid of common sense, but it’s very easy to fall into, being easy and comfortable as it is.

Which brings me to my second quote, from TED speaker and Rapid Transformation Therapist, Marisa Peer:

“Make the unfamiliar, familiar.”

Whether your unfamiliar is confidence, action, empathy, planning, self-care or whatever, make is familiar by practising it – again and again, day after day.

I told you earlier this month, that my word of the month is ‘BOLD’ – a word previously unfamiliar to me in theory and practise. Already though, after a month of setting daily intentions to be bold, taking said action and reviewing this at the end of each day, I feel that it’s already significantly more familiar to me than it was before.

Bold new doors. Bold new adventures.

Are you opening old doors and expecting new results? Where would you like to go this year?

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