Simplifying Life by the Fireside

Last weekend, Mr. G. somehow persuaded me to go camping in North Yorkshire, despite the weather forecast prediction of icy/snowy temperatures.

Luckily, for him, I felt in need of a mental break as much as he did. So when he talked of the campsite bathroom (hot monsoon showers and underwater heating) and followed it up with reviews of the local pub’s incredible cuisine… my arm didn’t need much twisting.

Still. It was ‘F’ing freezing!’

Which is why we levitated towards the fire.

And honestly, over the course of the weekend, I think I must have spent maybe 6 hours solid of just watching wood burn in this little fire pit.

Partly, this annoyed me. I couldn’t turn the pages of my ‘Mindful’ magazine, as I’d planned, because there was simply no way my hands were coming out of my mittens.

Until the irony struck me like a lead weight – sitting by this fire was possibly the most mindful thing that I’d done in weeks, months…. years?!

I was completely lost in the present moment; in the warmth, the colours, the sounds; the scents.

My thoughts, usually flying around at break-neck speed, slowed….right….down. I wasn’t really sure if I was having less thoughts, or perhaps just noticing them differently.

Only one thought came back, again and again: that we (and I, definitely I) make life so complicated.

But actually, it’s really very, very simple.

Sometimes, life is just about keeping warm by an open fire, and watching the flames dance in front of your eyes.




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