Happy 2018 – Day 283 – Your Driving Force: The 6 Human Needs

Tony Robbins – super tall, super loud, super American and at times, just a little too much for my British sensitives and quirky cynicism. Yet, I keep going back to this guy again and again, because he does talk a lot of sense.

One of his ideas that has always stuck with me is the notion that all people are driven by these 6 Human needs: 

1. Certainty:
This is the need for security, safety, comfort and consistency.

2. Uncertainty:
This is need for variety, challenges and change to feel alive.

3. Significance:
The need to feel important, unique, needed and worthy of love.

4. Love and Connection:
The need to feel connected with and loved by other human beings; to give and receive support and affection.

5. Growth:
The need for constant development emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. As Tony says, we either grow or we die.

6. Contribution:
The need to give beyond ourselves.

Tony argues that all of us have these same 6 needs, but we place different levels of importance on each need, which of course will lead to them approaching life in very different ways. If a person values significance above all else… you can only image how different their hopes, dreams and life path might be from a person who prioritises contribution.

Without judging things as right or wrong, can you look at these needs now and decide where your priorities truly lie? 

Can you order these needs from most to least important? 

With an understanding of which needs really drive you to action – of what you value most – you can better create a life that meets these needs on a daily basis.

Essentially, if you find out what really drives you, then you have a much greater chance of creating a truly fulfilling life.


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