Happy 2018 – Day 282 – A Quote to make it happen!

If, like me, you’re prone to worrying about what will, won’t or might happen in the future, here’s some powerful words from Abraham Lincoln to inspire a change in mood:

abraham future quote

Tony Robbins says that whenever you commit to change, you should take at least one small action to reinforce this commitment within your mind.

So I ask you: what could you do right now to create your own future? 

Maybe it’s an a job application you can make, a difficult conversation you’ve been putting off or even a break you’ve been longing to take; maybe it’s a decision to take the stairs instead of the lift.

However big or small this action is, do it now.

Much of what happens in life is out of our control, but taking charge of the things we can control goes a long way towards alleviating anxieties and concerns about what might.

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