Happy 2018 – Day 284 – Happiness Hack: Swap getting for giving

Yesterday, I wrote about Tony Robbins and his 6 human needs, asking you to consider where your own priorities lie.

Just as a recap, the needs were: certainty, uncertainty, significance, love and connection, growth and finally, contribution.

Today, I want to briefly add to this. I think it’s important to note that these needs not only differ from person to person, but they can continuously change within the mindset of an individual, depending on the situation they’re in at that time or in general.

The way you approach situations can dramatically alter the number of needs that are met by it. For example, if you ask, “How do I give love?” instead of asking, “How do I get love?” then you’ll meeting the needs of significance, love and connection, growth and contribution, and ultimately change the direction and destination of your life.

In fact, in any area of your life and relationships, shifting your focus to giving rather than taking, can lead to a completely different and ultimately more fulfilling experience.

This year, whenever I’ve experienced pangs of self-doubt and anxiety as a newly-made entrepreneur, I’ve found a lot of comfort by taking the focus away from me and my significance. Instead, I focus on contribution, love and connection and growth.¬†Instead of asking, “What if I don’t do a good job?” I ask, “How can I ensure that these people get the best of me, and therefore learn to get the best out of themselves in the future?

Ultimately, giving feels a lot better than getting; before, during and after.


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