Happy 2018 – Day 277 – What’s the most beautiful thoughts you can have right now?

One of the the last tasks in my Six-Minute Diary was so lovely… and it really took me by surprise. It was this question:

What are the two most beautiful thoughts you can possibly have right now?

I wasn’t actually having the best day when I completed this, and my mood overall was distinctly below average… but this question forced me to flip my perspective and my mood swiftly followed.

My thoughts were that life is a beautiful journey, only made richer by the failures, sorrows, pain and losses; that the dark days only make the other days seem even brighter, and that there’s beauty in the darkness itself. 

So… whatever you’re doing, whatever kind of mood you’re experiencing right now, I’d really recommend that you pause and ask yourself this question.

If you have a brain like mine which has a natural tendency to jump to the worst conclusions, assumptions and ‘what ifs’…. then this is a great way of addressing the imbalance.


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