Happy 2018 – Day 276 – Childish ‘Adulting’: Embrace your inner silliness!

‘Adulting’ can be so serious sometimes. It seems that the older we become, the more life becomes about responsibilities, problems, goals, concerns…. and much less about the fun stuff.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, if you let yourself act like a silly oaf once/daft apeth or twice a day, you’ll probably feel a lot better about all the adult-like stuff you have to do. You might even perform your grown-up jobs better, if you maintain that inner child-like spirit.

jo toughmudder
Here’s a pic of me mid-way through the Tough Mudder obstacle course. The clean-up operation after this was intense, but it was totally worth it for the laughs I had that day amongst my equally muddy friends.

So your task for today…  do something really silly to make yourself laugh. My personal favourites include: waiting behind a door to jump out and, “BOOOO!”someone; sending people artistic pictures of myself with cats on my head (see below); and of course, a range of play-fighting attacks to unleash on Mr. G when he least expects it….mwhahahahaaaaaa.


Feel free to share your silly activities in the comments below! xx


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