Happy 2018 – Day 268 – Can you let yourself be happier today?

Last week, I mentioned the 5 key regrets of the dying, one of which was, “I wish I’d let myself be happier.”

So that’s all I want to focus on today… this one question: 

“What will it take for you to be happier today… or even right now?”

Maybe it’s a decision or an action you can take. 

Maybe it’s a change to focus from thoughts, worries, doom and gloom, to the present moment; to your breath; to the sensations in your body.

Maybe it’s a choice to listen rather than speak. 

Maybe it’s a switch from TV to Yoga.

Maybe it’s a change of perspective in thinking about a problem you’re facing. 

Maybe it’s a secret challenge you can set for yourself. 

Maybe it’s a decision to feel incredibly grateful for all that you have.

Maybe you choose to give up searching for happiness; to let yourself be. Just as you are.

Whatever the case, there’s no need to let this become one of your death-bed regrets.

Just ask yourself these questions more often, and you’ll find ways to let yourself be happier each day…

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