Happy 2018 – Day 257 – ‘Inshallah’ for the non-religious

Whenever I hear the word ‘inshallah,’ I’m reminded of a brilliant holiday that Mr. G and I took to¬†Luxor, Egypt.

Scorching heat. Incredible food. History everywhere the eye could see.

90% of the population are Muslim, which is why most conversations end with the word inshallah, meaning ‘God-willing’ of ‘if God wills’ it’. I heard it used as greetings, as goodbyes and in some cases, to finish each sentence.

I’m not religious myself, yet I find myself thinking about this concept often. In essence, we’re talking about control again.

“I’ll do the best I can, within my given field of control.”

“I’ll aim high and work hard, whilst remembering that life isn’t always fair or just, and that sometimes we’re dealt a poor set of cards.”

“I will strive forward towards goals, keeping in mind that nothing is certain; nothing should be taken for granted.”

Whether you’re religious or not, it’s futile to waste time worrying about events outside of your control. Learn to accept that you have very little control over your own fate. Focus on living out your destiny instead.

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