Happy 2018 – Day 256 – The Self-Care mindset

I’ve shared Action for Happiness’ amazing calendars before, and though we’re thirteen days into September, I felt that this one was worth a share.

Yesterday, I suggested that self-care doesn’t necessarily need to involve dramatic time-consuming/expensive/grand gestures; that in fact, if you develop an attitude of self-care and mindfulness, you can practice this as you go about daily routines.

Action for Happiness’ Self-Care September Calendar speaks to this notion.


If you were to only try a few things from this calendar: avoiding words like should or ought; thinking back to prior mistakes and recognising their positive outcomes; honestly sharing how you feel with another person; then you could begin to practise self-care, without any great time or effort towards change.

To all outward appearances, you’d just be plodding through life as you always do.

Inwardly though, you’d be laying the groundwork for a more caring, kind, accepting and loving attitude towards yourself.

Click here to download your Self-Care September Calendar¬†from ‘Action for Happiness’¬†to start today!

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