Happy 2018 – Day 258 – If thoughts were like household clutter…

Because of the work I do through my business, Skills with Frills, I’m fortunate enough to encounter a range of child-friendly CBT/Mindfulness-based strategies that are often just as effective for adults as they are for kids. Or maybe it’s just me?! 

A few days back, I found a great analogy in a book aimed at supporting under 10s with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

It invited children to consider their household clutter, thinking of all the things in their house that are thrown away on a daily basis, along with those things that get thrown out every year or so in a big clear-out. Of course, you can’t keep everything. If you did, you’d be living in messy, dirty chaos.

And so here the analogy comes in: our thoughts are a lot like household clutter.

Lots of thoughts come in, but we can’t keep everything.

As thoughts come in, you have to decide what goes on the save pile and what goes in the rubbish.

Because if you don’t – if you take all of these thoughts as truths – your brain will be much like a hoarder’s paradise from one that those trashy TV shows (that I definitely don’t watch!!!)

Learn to review your thoughts with a little objective distance and you’ll keep a clean, tidy mind, no matter what your house looks like!


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