Happy 2018 – Day 226 – What would you rather be?

Here’s a question from this week’s weekly review from my ‘Six Minute Diary.’ I liked it so much I wanted to share. Plus, who doesn’t love a round of ‘would you rather?!’

So here goes….

What would you rather be: incredibly attractive, an exceptional genius, world-famous actor or a billionaire philanthropist? 

Ten years ago, I’d have been weighing up the pros and cons of being a supermodel, an A-Lister or sometime smart enough to make a ton of cash.

Today, it took me barely a breath to opt for billionaire philanthropist.

I mean…. I know being filthy rich is part of the equation. But it honestly wasn’t the money that pulled me in – it was the meaning. Being smart, famous and attractive all have potential advantages, but they’re all rather shallow. Being a rich philanthropist means meeting and helping people; forming deep connections with other humans; creating meaning in your daily life. To me, the philanthropist is the one who goes to bed at night, feeling warm and fulfilled inside; feeling that they’ve made the world a little better.

Perhaps I like this question because while it might seem shallow on the surface, it actually speaks to something much deeper…

And perhaps I like this question because I like my answer. It’s nice to recognise my own shift in mindset over time; that I no longer link fame, fortune and good looks to happiness (quite the opposite in fact), but rather think and know that happiness comes from within.

What would you rather be and why?

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